Our experiences

When one of us was a Garda, finding stolen cars was one of his favourite things to do. He got back nearly 50 of them over the course of a few years. The majority of those were taken with their keys by breaking into someone’s house. The criminal then parks them up for a few days to make sure it doesn’t have a tracking device on it, then comes back and picks it up. They will often bring it to a garage then to either change the identity of the car or break it up for parts. Sometimes they are used to commit more crime – like stealing another car! If you see an unfamiliar car parked in your neighbourhood or apartment block, there’ s no harm calling your local station to have them call around and check it out.

It all helps but unfortunately those 50 cars he recovered were only a drop in the ocean. Many thousands of cars are stolen every year and that figure is on the rise again. TrustHub was a result of our determination to stop innocent buyers falling victim to car criminals and break the cycle that feeds car theft. If a criminal can’t trick someone into buying the car they’ve stolen then they won’t steal cars in the first place. Everybody wins with TrustHub.


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