What are the benefits of using TrustHub?

It’s hard to pack so many benefits in so few words on the main page. That’s the hurly-burly world we live in. So we thought we’d write a blog post on them for those more curious individuals like yourself. Selling your vehicle privately is a good way to make more money from it. You don’t need to effectively pay dealers to ‘take your pride and joy off your hands’. That same dealer’s cut can instead be shared between you and whoever buys your car.

The problem is that it’s human nature to want as much of that ‘cut’ as possible. Its one of the many inherent conflicts between you and the buyer. For security you may want to meet in a public place rather than at your house – you don’t want them calling by to pick up the keys at 4am later that night…

If I was a buyer, however, I’d want to meet at your place to make sure you are who you say you are. So where to? With TrustHub you can meet anywhere – when your buyer knows that we know who you are and who owns the car, they can rest assured. This means that you stay safer, sell your car quicker and for more. That means less time fielding phone calls and more time spending the extra money you just made. Everybody wins with TrustHub.


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