Meet at yours, theirs or in public?

When you’re buying or selling a car privately there’s an obvious problem: where do you meet? The advice is contradictory depending on which side of the deal you’re on.

If you’re buying – meet in the driveway of their house so you can be sure they own it.

If you’re selling – meet away from your house so that strangers don’t know where you live and can’t return to steal the car at a later date.

Confusing eh?

For both buying and selling – bring someone else with you.

That last piece of advice is interesting: what happens if they bring someone with them? Do you then bring two people? Do you tell them that you can both bring four people for back-up? Where does it end? It ends if a vehicle is TrustHub verified and there’s less of a need for that arms race. Both sides should exercise caution sure, but as a buyer you can rest assured that who you’re meeting is accountable with TrustHub.

Anyway – where to? Many people end up meeting in public places to stay safe but that’s often where car criminals want to meet as they don’t want to be traceable. Sometimes of course, with significant distances involved, it’s good to meet up halfway between you. TrustHub let’s you safely meet in public places now that the buyer knows that the car has been TrustHub verified. You as the seller no longer have to tell potential buyers where you live. Everybody wins.


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