Dealers pretending to be private sellers

Ever looked at a car advertised as ‘privately owned’ on a website and really liked it only to ring the seller and ask about ‘the car’? If they respond with ‘which one?’ there’s a good chance they’re a dealer acting as a private seller.

Why would they do this? Well there’s two kinds of dealers: there’s the amateur dealer who wants to ‘turn-a-buck’ by buying, fixing and selling on cars. Then there’s the professional car dealer who wants to offload a ‘lemon’. Some cars aren’t fit for sale to the public or are so unreliable that they’re called ‘lemons’ in the industry. If a dealer takes one of these in by accident or as a trade-in they can’t sell it as normal through their dealership. The cost of guaranteeing the car would outweigh the profit made or it may even be unroadworthy so to avoid their legal obligations to you as a buyer they sell it as a ‘private individual’. This is rightfully illegal but it doesn’t stop some dodgy dealers doing it.

What can you do about it? Well TrustHub won’t verify a car if we think it’s being sold by a dealer. We monitor all transactions so that one individual can’t sell a car more than twice a year. This stops both dodgy dealers and other people trying to potentially offload a lemon on you. Your hard-earned money should be spent on a quality car and TrustHub is here to help you do just that.


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