Month: December 2015

What does cloning or ringing a car mean?

The big difference is the amount of effort that a car criminal has put into changing the identity of a vehicle. Cloning is generally accepted to mean putting a different registration plate on a vehicle. That means that there could be two cars with the same registration driving around – one is a ‘clone’ of the other. The real owner can be blamed for the actions of the cloned vehicle and vice versa.

A ‘ringed’ car is also called a ‘ringer’ in the trade. That’s when a (sometimes stolen) vehicle has its identity changed much more comprehensively – usually to match a vehicle that has been crashed or written off. Sometimes, two crash-damaged cars will be welded together to make one new vehicle!

With either scenario false documents are often produced by the criminals concerned. These documents can be hard to tell apart from real ones – in fact they may be real ones! Sometimes criminals will successfully re-register a vehicle with the authorities and sometimes they use official, but blank, stolen documents.

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