What happens to stolen vehicles?

You may have seen some statistics on the number of stolen cars in Ireland – the good news is that they’ve on a downward trend. There is a lead lining to this cloud though as most stolen cars for sale are now have been stolen with their keys by breaking into the owner’s house. In 2014, there were nearly 8,000 vehicles stolen from their owners but what isn’t apparent is the recovery rate. The Gardai actually recover the majority of cars but sometimes they recover them after you’ve already bought one.

What does this mean? It means that you as the buyer lose the car and all the hard-earned money you paid for it. You’re left with no wheels, no cash and no comeback. The car will be returned to its lawful owner – many times that will be the insurance company that paid out on a claim. I have personally dragged cars off of driveways when they’ve been discovered to be stolen. It gave me no pleasure to do so and I’ve dealt with some very upset people but it had to be done. That’s why TrustHub exists – so that people like you never fall afoul of car criminals. We make sure the car you’re looking at isn’t stolen and we’re the only ones who can do that. No car history check is capable of doing the same.


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