How to choose a dealer

We here at TrustHub HQ are on a mission to make private sales of cars safer but sometimes you just won’t be able to find the car you’re after privately and you’ll want to visit a dealer. So far so good but the next problem is which one? How do you choose which dealer you can trust? We know many fly-by-night operators who set up and within a year shut down only to pop up again under a new name. They do this when the amount of complaints gets too much – by shutting down the company they can avoid their legal liabilities.

Our advice is to make sure the dealer is a member of a reputable trade organisation. Sound simple? It very nearly is. Some disreputable dealers move into premises with the trade organisation’s logo still on the wall and may even put their logo on their website in the hopes they won’t be spotted, so always do a internet search on them through the body they say they’re a member of.

If you’re buying a vehicle in the UK the organisations to look for are:

If you’re buying in Ireland check out this website:

Being a member of a trade association like those above mean that they have to subscribe to a code of conduct and gives you extra reassurance. There are many independent dealers who we would be happy to deal with too so don’t discount them. If you need more advice don’t be afraid to get in touch with us @TrustHubHQ

By the way, as we’ve previously talked about, sometimes dealers can pose as private sellers to get around their statutory duties and offload a poor quality vehicle (a lemon). We try to prevent this at TrustHub using our internal controls but if you discover a dealer posing as a private seller you can stop others falling for their tricks by getting in touch with us on twitter @TrustHubHQ and we’ll add them to our blacklist.

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