How to Spot a Fake NCT

Buying a car for sale with a full NCT is normally a good thing but we’ve seen a rise in the number of cars out there with fake NCT discs in the windscreen. This is because a seller can get a few hundred euro more from you for a car when you think it’s passed its NCT.

And all for printing out a little disc at home.

What they’re not thinking about is you. You’re left with a car you’ve paid too much for and that can possibly end up costing you money in repairs and retests when you realise that the NCT is fake. Worse again, if the Gardai discover it instead of you, you could end up with a seized car and a court appearance.

It pays then to do a car history check and/or only buy a TrustHub Verified vehicle. Just do one or the other! If you choose not to however (don’t), here’s a few pointers on how to spot a fake one:

IMG_7969 IMG_7970

There’s two points here; the hologram and the serrated edge. Check that the new (green discs) or old (purple discs) hologram looks like the above. If the edge of the disc is smooth and not serrated like these ones, be suspicious. Ask to take the disc out and examine it, making sure that the hologram isn’t stuck on with glue and that the watermark is present when holding the disc up to the light.

No matter what, always ask to see the full NCT certificate (the disc is one corner of this) and make sure it’s valid. If you’re told that the certificate is missing then be very careful indeed. We would recommend walking away!

Overall, use your common sense, only buy a TrustHub Verified vehicle (we check these things for you) and always get a car history check – there’s plenty of providers out there.

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